The apiary

An organic (certified) beekeeping unit of 60 acres, located in the wider area of ​​Kymi, Evia, which is … the drinking source of Chounoutikos, is the “temple” of production of Dante Deo, our Divine Gift to you … 

In an idyllic setting, where wild goats and heathers are found, as well as rich vegetation of wild herbs and other vigorous plants.

Father and son (Yannis and Dimitris Theodorou) maintain, constantly evolve and grow unceasingly … their bee family, being bees – workers, for the achievement of one and only purpose: the production of extraordinary honey!

Excellent honey, of maximum nutritional value, free of medication and additional preservatives, of excellent quality, with love and respect for its consumer, who will enjoy up to the last of the last drop … 

Manufacturer Number: EL4 / 1720 

It is collected in Greece